[UPDATED: Giveaway winners announced below.]  Well, y’all know I travel. A lot. 


After more flights than I can count this year, I’ve come to appreciate a few must-have travel items that really get me through the long layovers and constant change in environment.  A few of my favorites.  Above left to right: The Moleskin Travel Diary gives me a place take notes on each city I visit, map out my favorite locations and special spots, and have a place to sketch and dream on long flights.  I don’t own this Barney’s Compass but I sure would like to. Pretty, no? A great bag with lots of pockets helps when you are trying to keep a business running on the road.  This great J Crew bag gives easy access to my iPhone, plane tickets, and other travel items.


If you’ve ever been to my house you know I am mildly obsessed with candles.  The grapefruit Jo Malone Candle makes any hotel room feel like home. A travel necessity that keeps your lips supple and smells divine: Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Part of traveling well is feeling confident and you never know who you are going to see in an airport.  I used to travel in sweat pants until I started to realize that the days I dressed well for travel always felt better.  I have always been a big fan of Dogeared and love their healing gem necklaces… light around my neck and each comes with a special meaning behind the stone.  This Cherry Quartz necklace is one of my favorites.


I love this Monogrammable Leather Excursion Case from Red Envelope.  Travelling light is so much easier when you stay organized and this travel case does the trick. You have to have a great pair of jeans (with good pockets for ID’s and plane tickets) when traveling.  Love these J Crew Jeans.  Airline blankets give me the creeps.  They sit on planes for weeks at a time and who knows how many people have used them.  Nothing like bringing the comforts of home with you on the road with Red Envelope’s Monogrammable Chenille Throw.  So soft, comfy, and thin enough to pack in my carry-on.


I’ve learned the hard way this year about packing too much – especially toiletries.  The Molton Brown Globe Trekker Travel Kit for Women has everything you need and more to feel like you’re getting the royal spa treatment on the road… minus the bulk of big bottles.  Travel on airplanes can dehydrate your skin and leave you feeling less-than-fresh, making the delicious soft scents of these lotions a must-have. I first heard about Skullcandy from the Mammoth Men when I won a pair of earbuds on their Utah trip.  Whether running through an airport or on the treadmill, these Wood Earbuds stay in my ears and have great sound quality.  Did I mention they come in a bajillion colors, designs and materials?  I’m a Skullcandy fan for life.


Perfect for a laptop, magazine and work items: Travelsmith Organizing Tote. Bringing a heavy jacket on the plane is always a pain.  Having a warm soft scarf like this J. Crew Italian Cashmere Scarf works just as well to keep me warm on cold flights without the bulk of a parka. I’ve been using Frederic Fekkai products since I was 14.  They make my unruly hair soft and shiny and they smell like a slice of heaven.  The Brilliant Glossing Travel Kit has natural olive oil Glossing Creme that keeps my frizz at bay and my hair smelling good.


My Swiss Army carry-on is definitely my number 1 favorite travel purchase I’ve made.  It is smaller than most roll-ons so I can get it on those tiny prop planes without having to check it and best of all… it has a side pocket for my MacBook!  Getting through airport security is a breeze with this thing. OK, travel essential alert!  I always bring food on the plane and when I travel.  I pack whole oats, Jay Robb Protein powder packs, Greens Plus Protien Bars, cereal to snack on and a case full of Luna Bars. There’s nothing worse than being hungry on the road with nothing but fast food or expensive room service to order.  Luna Bars are my favorite because they come in dozens of flavors, never melt in my purse, and have essential vitamins and minerals to keep me feeling healthy amidst the stress of traveling. Best travel tip I can give is to stay hydrated.  Many airports now carry Smartwater.  I love the taste but mostly the bottle shape.  It’s easy to fit in my purse and so far I’ve never had one of these bottles leak on my travel items.

OK, now that you know my favs, how about winning a few of them!? The amazing folks at Skullcandy, Red Envelope, SmartWater, Cliff Bars (Luna Bars), and Molton Brown are giving me one of each of the following to giveaway!


Simply leave a comment here telling me about your dream travel destination for your chance to win one of these items.  Contest ends this Sunday at midnight.  Happy travels y’all!

xo lc


UPDATED: Winners!!!

Randomly chosen via

Winner of the SmartWater, LunaBars, and Scullcandy Earbuds:

Heather at Outstanding Occasions: I love to travel, but unfortunately don’t get to do it as much now with a 2 year old 🙂 I am going back to Paris in May, which I am so excited about, but my dream destination is Africa. I have dreamed about visiting and doing the safari trip for years. My goal is to get there by 40, so I have 8 years. I am pretty sure I will “Make It Happen!” 🙂

Winner of the Molton Brown Travel Set and Red Envelope Travel Case:

Sara France: I have been always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. I would just take a month and travel around the country exploring all there is to see and everyone there is to meet. I have heard so many amazing things and met so many amazing people from there. I can not wait to visit there some day! December 13, 2009 2:54 pm

Email me your mailing addresses, ladies and we’ll send your travel gifts out ASAP!  Merry Christmas and Congrats!

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  1. anna routh

    I’ve dreamed for years of traveling to Santorini, Greece. Specifically, I picture myself in a hillside villa with a blue roof and ocean views. Mmmm…It’s almost making me forget how freaking cold I am right now!

  2. Kelly

    My dream travel destination is Greece!

  3. nancy m

    My dream travel destination would be Hawaii! I have always wanted to go there, but it is expensive and now I have 4 small children. Anyways, that would be the ultimate DREAM vacation for me.

  4. lyndsay hyatt-almeida

    This is so exciting! My dream destination in brazil, where my husband grew up. 🙂

  5. Priscilla

    Hello! My dream travel destination is Sayulita, Mexico. This is also the spot where I will be marrying my best friend and the love of my life in May! It’s a rustic fishing town filled with Mexico’s old world charm. It’s not terribly populated with tourists and it’s incredibly romantic. The beautiful beach is relaxing and inviting. I couldn’t have chosen a better spot to announce my love and lifelong commitment to the man that I adore more than anything else in this world.


  6. Heidi

    Great post! I love to travel, and though I don’t fly as much as you I do more than the average person. I have been lucky to travel the US, Mexico, Virgin Islands and Hawaii. My dream though is to travel to Italy. I want to stay in old villas, eat olives, cheese, cured meats and tomatoes in Tuscany, drink Bellinis in Venice and basically breathe in the country. It is on my bucket list and I plan to go when my children are old enough to leave for a month.

  7. Erika

    A family trip (parents, cousins, etc.) to the Grand Canyon has been postponed a few times due to work and life changes, but I still dream of hiking our way through this natural beauty together and making lots of wonderful memories.

  8. Elizabeth

    My travel destination would be to re-visit Paris again with my hubby and then do a wine tour in Italy.

  9. Amanda

    I’ve been on a Venice kick lately. It’s on the top of my list right now. But it will have to be a dream for now. These items would be fantastic for my travels to Atlanta for New Years though.

  10. Caroline

    My dream trip? I dream big.
    In 2010 I plan on/ hope to make several business trips to NYC and Chicago for the growth of my business.
    Normally a home-body, I will to step outside of my comfort zone and Make Things Happen! Which will be so much easier and more pleasant with these lovelies along for the ride…I’m eying the Skullcandy earbuds and the Leather Case by RedEnvelope. Thanks for the contest! xo

  11. Alicia

    Positano, Italy. There is something so romantic about Francis as she travels to Italy to start the next chapter of her life in “Under the Tuscan Sun.” I’m not looking to flee the coup but how amazing, and rejuvenating, it would be to get lost in the hillsides of the Amalfi coast, bask in the Italian sun and eat until your heart’s content.

  12. Abbie

    I’ve always wanted to do a tour of Europe. My husband has no desire to go, but I’ve been secretly holding out… maybe an anniversary down the road??

  13. Cassandre Snyder

    My dream destination is Italy. Due to the demand on running my business I never had a honeymoon when I got married, just lots of small trips, and my husband and I have promised each other that when we can both go – we are going to ITALY for 3 weeks. The twist on this honeymoon is that we would bring our daughter too! Can’t visit such a nice place with her.

  14. katherine

    My dream travel spot is a romantic spa. My fiance proposed on a surprise trip to AZ and I think this will always be my favorite travel spot from now on 🙂

  15. Kate

    Oh I would love to go somewhere (anywhere!) warm! I grew up in KS but have lived in MN for the last 7 years. A state of bitter winters and lukewarm summers. Luckily my fiance and I have delayed our honeymoon for our Fall 2010 wedding until January (the coldest and darkest month). We haven’t decided where we will go, only that it will be WARM!

  16. Becka @Studio222 Photography

    The land down under! I’m dying to visit Australia!

  17. Cassandre

    I posted, but not sure where it went. My dream trip would be a trip to Italy with my husband and daughter as our honeymoon. We never made it to a honeymoon cause of business and so many other obligations, and we’ve promised each other that when we finally go, it will be to Italy for 2 weeks!

  18. Kelly S

    My dream destination? Another honeymoon in Mexico! I just got married in July and my husband and I vacationed on Maroma Beach. I daydream about going back. There was something so luxurious about the uninterrupted hours and hours spent together on the beach. Bliss!

  19. Laura

    I have ALWAYS wanted to travel to India. My mother was born on a base in Pakistan, and traveled all over India growing up. Her stories, her pictures… I want them to be my memories too.

  20. nikki

    Tuscany, Italy! My mom’s side of the family owns an olive grove in the region and I have always dreamed of going there.

  21. Caroline

    My dream destination is a long vacation in Italy and Spain where my boyfriend and I could explore sleepy towns, beautiful beaches, and, of course, wineries! We’re both in graduate school, so that much time to relax would be a welcomed treat!

  22. Beth P

    I would love to visit Perth Australia. I have been to the eastern coast of Australia but have not been to the west. And I would love to travel across the Australian continent by train to get from one coast to the other. I imagine the journey through the center of the country is just beautiful.

  23. Joan P.

    With its culture, location, and Byzantine architecture, Istanbul is a dream destination for me. I have imagined visiting for many years.

  24. Lauren G

    My dream vacation would be to the beautiful beaches of Nantucket, MA with my boyfriend. My family grew up exploring the island. My boyfriend of six years has not had the opportunity and I would love to share my childhood adventures with the love of my life.

  25. Elise

    I would love to go to Egypt one day! It is so filled with history and my father’s side of the family is from there. I would love to get more of a glimpse of how their life was when they lived there.

  26. Erin

    I desperately want to travel to Greece! I want to stay in a crisp, white hotel on the beach and look out onto the clear blue sea…

  27. Jessica

    My dream vacation is to Italy–especially Venice and Florence!

  28. elva diane

    My dream vacation is to go to Ireland. I am awe of the rich history there. I want to go see all the beauty; from their culture, to the landscapes. I have always dreamed of Ireland and this is the one place I must go to!

  29. Chloe

    My fiance and I have set a goal to go to Fiji before we have kids. It’s something for us to save up for, but I can’t imagine a more perfect trip!

  30. Morgan

    My dream would definitely be a winter vacation in the Swiss Alps. There’s just something mesmerizing about mountains topped with snow. Probably has a little something to do with the fact I live somewhere super flat and it hardly ever snows. Nothing like a vacation to try something new!

  31. Mandy

    I would love to see Wyoming. I’ve been to big cities tons and now I live in one – I’d love to just get out in the great wide open and see what less populated, un-tampered parts of the US are like.

  32. Amber

    My dream travel destination would be take my fiance to Cannes, France, along the Cote d’Azur. I went with my high school years ago, but I’m dying to go back now that I can enjoy the wine and appreciate the culture (though my French might be a little rough). Plus, my fiance has only been out of the Carolinas a handful of times, and I know it would blow his mind!

  33. Robyn

    Dream vacation = New Zealand! So gorgeous and where else can you ski the mountains, see the ocean, bungee jump over a river and explore the Lord of the Rings countryside all in one place?

  34. Michelle

    I would love to travel to South Africa. I’m hoping to do this for my 30th birthday in a few years. 🙂

  35. Heather at Outstanding Occasions

    I love to travel, but unfortunately don’t get to do it as much now with a 2 year old 🙂 I am going back to Paris in May, which I am so excited about, but my dream destination is Africa. I have dreamed about visiting and doing the safari trip for years. My goal is to get there by 40, so I have 8 years. I am pretty sure I will “Make It Happen!” 🙂

  36. Michelle E.

    a dream destination for me is to drive cross country and experience all the quintessential mom and pop stores of america.

  37. Jess H.

    Suva, Fiji. I’d love to stay in those lifted cabanas above the blue water, wake up with the sun, and snorkel with the fish! I would probably enjoy the island food too!

  38. Libbi

    My dream travel destination would be in the mountains of Switzerland. I love nothing more than exploring the mountains and I think it would be amazing to take my fiance skiing as he’s never been and it’s one of my favorite winter hobbies.

  39. Jess

    A long roadtrip up the California Coast with my fiance! Thank you!

  40. melanie

    I’ve been to Europe, Africa, Asia, but my dream vacation right now would be to go to Utah and spend a week there in the snow.

  41. Jaime McD

    I would love to go to Tahiti or Bora Bora with my husband. I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those bungalows over the water.

  42. Melanie Carter

    I love to travel! There is nothing like hopping on a plane and feeling the rush of anxiety and excitement of exploring a new place. My favorite hot pink travel pillow, my ipod, mac book and trusty eye mask always come with me on the plane. My favorite beauty trick is to slather on lots of rich face cream with a drop of sweet almond oil and vitamin E to keep my skin hydrated in the dry air. My favorite place that I have already traveled to is Virgin Gorda, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands…absolutely breathtaking! I have dreamed of going to so many places most recently I have been dreaming of Spain, Morocco, Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, Bali, Fiji, Washington State, Paris….i am soo dreaming of having tea and macaroons in a chic Parisian hotel. A girl can dream!

  43. Laura P

    Mine would have to be New Zealand, because every picture I see of that place is just beautiful!

  44. Melissa

    My dream vacation is Cap Juluca, it has been my motivating dream for several years and I plan on going there for my 30th birthday in a little over a year. I love to travel, experience new cultures, and add stamps to my passport.

  45. Princess Christy

    I would love to travel all of Italy – Florence, Venice, a return trip to Rome. I could spend a month in each city and still not feel like it was enough!

  46. Chelsey

    I would love to visit Morocco, or maybe someplace warm like Tahiti!

  47. Christina

    I have always dreamed of traveling to New Zealand. The colors and landscape is such a change from the Southeast US. It just looks breathtaking!

  48. Jenna

    I always struggle with the question of where in the world I want to go. It seems that every time somebody asks me, I come up with a different answer! However, there is one destination that has been stuck with me for the last couple of years, and I just can’t seem to shake it. I have always wanted to travel to South America, and I’m dying to visit Brazil. So much so that I hope to start studying Portuguese after my upcoming wedding when I have more time! I’m fascinated by the nation’s development, would love to see the beautiful coastline, tour the Amazon, and experience Rio (was so glad they got the Olympics!)

  49. Lindsey

    My dream destination right now is Hawaii–though I have about 20 places on my list. I’d love to go for my honeymoon.

  50. Caitlin

    Cuba – for sure – always Cuba – and before it “opens.” But as that one is a teeny bit difficult, anywhere that I haven’t been or anywhere I can go with friends/family work too!

  51. Ashley

    I’d have to say Turkey and Greece with my husband would be a dream. I also would love the red envelop organizing bag. I’m a sucker for organization.

  52. Christine

    My husband and I would love to see both Italy and Ireland – that is our dream!!

  53. Meg

    Oooh how fun! Dubai or any of the other Middle Eastern countries would be the island of Bahrain. Warm summer sun, beautiful beaches, and such a rich cultural heritage! Anyone want to go with? 🙂

  54. Elisha

    I took a class on Cuban lit and film and fell in love with the country. I would love to travel there and be able to practice my spanish.

  55. Jennine

    Right now my dream vacation is my honeymoon too Banff and Jasper national park in Alberta. I can’t wait to spend a week with my wonderful Husband to be.

  56. Lyndsey

    I would love to go to Aspen in the winter! We went there for the first time last summer and while I had fun biking, whitewater rafting, and horseback riding up ski runs, all I could think about was snowboarding! That’s definitely where my dream vaca would be!

  57. Tiffany

    For Years I have dreamed of going on a European Tour of Scotland, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. I highly, doubt I will ever be in a position where I can just take a year off and meander through each of these places taking the train from town to town, city to city, country to country… but hopefully throughout my lifespan I will be able to slowly explore each of these places one by one & most importantly with the people I love (My Husband-to-be and my family)

  58. Clare Richardson

    Without a doubt, my lifelong dream is visit the Galapagos Islands. I LOVE turtles; the bigger, the better!

  59. abitnerdy

    I would absolute love to visit Japan. Their culture is so vastly different from us. They developed their country so fast. They truly have a never ending nightlife in Tokyo that I would love to experience not to mention the beautiful architecture and landscapes. Would love to be see the majestic Mt. Fuji in person. Would absolutely love to to visit the beautiful Geisha homes in Kyoto see the blooming Cherry Blossoms and OF COURSE, eat the AMAZING sushi they’re bound to give. They live on such a small island compared to the vast land we have in the States. Would be absolutely amazing to visit JAPAN 🙂

  60. Kristen A.

    My dream travel destination is St. Lucia. The island has the perfect mix of mountains and beach. My fiance and I are planning our June 2010 honeymoon right now and I can’t wait to go!

  61. Christine

    My dream destination is Tuscany. Lucky me, we have a wedding booked that will take me there next May. Oh, the excitement… now, if I had that Swiss Army carry-on the trip would be completely 😀

  62. Alicia

    The real question is where do I not want to go!! I love traveling and there are so many places on my list. One thing about me is I am an adventurous eater often I find myself choosing destinations that I want to go just to try their food. yeah the Eiffel Tower is on the list but I really want to eat a croissant in Paris, have dim sum in China, BBQ in Memphis… I could go on and on… BUT to answer the question as of this moment the destination rating highest on my travel list is South America in particular Patagonia. I really want to travel to the southern tip of South America. I think it would be an incredible experience to hike through Patagonia and see all that it has to offer. Not sure what I would want to eat down there. I guess I will have to do more research before I book my trip…

  63. shannon

    My dream place to visit is Costa Rica. I can picture the beautiful waters and feel the warmth! My dream is about to come true. The jungle is calling…we are heading there for our honeymoon in April!!

  64. Jessica Jan

    Well I’ll be! There’s quite a few. :] but when narrowing it down a bit, I think my #1 dream destination would be Ireland!

    Ahhh, Ireland.

  65. Lisa Lupola

    Hey Lara…dream travel would be to come see where Southern Wedding’s heart is. I can’t get enough of our industry, the romance, the friendships, the memories I am help make. Awesome. I enjoy so much being around the people that love what I do. We all have places we dream to visit, and most make it happen. At this place in my life, it’s about my passion for my work and everything I can do to make it happen. Have a wonderful and blessed week. Lisa

  66. Cat G

    I would love to travel to Australia and New Zealand! Not only do they have amazing sites, nature, and adventure, but they also have amazing wine AND I have quite a few friends that I would love to visit with as well!!

  67. Ati Tafao-Braganza

    My dream travel destination is Tahiti. I am a born and raised San Francisco gal that would love to see all of the Polynesian islands and I have yet to travel to Tahiti.

  68. Lisa Tse

    My dream destination is the Maldives. My husband is active military, and he will be deployed to Afghanistan next month, so we’ve spent many nights talking about when he’ll return and where we want to take our first trip when he comes back. We postponed our honeymoon because he was starting a new assignment, so this would not only be a celebration of his safe return but a late honeymoon as well. Can’t wait to relax and be care-free for a few weeks!! =)

  69. Sarah Mac

    Hi Lara! I am a beach gal at heart! I will be moving to the Outer Banks of NC in a few months to be with my fiance! He is a surfer and sailor. I take the photographs from the beach. I have always dreamed of visiting more places than I can list on here, but New Zealand is probably my #1 behind the mountainous coasts of Spain. I really enjoy reading your blogs! Happy Holidays!

  70. Megan

    I would love to go someplace like Bora Bora and stay in an overwater bungalow. It would be wonderful to be on vacation and still have tons of privacy. Your travel items make great gift ideas, thanks!

  71. Eleanor

    I am definitely a true southern girl at heart. However, I’m going to school up in New York City now so I do a lot of traveling domestically to see my family, but i’ve never been able to get outside the states. My dream vacation would be in Costa Rica. The Perfect Mix of beaches and hiking!! I would love to go there for my honeymoon in 2011!!

  72. Kerri

    My dream destination is southern Africa – specifically South Africa & Kenya. I’d love to take a month (or two) and just travel around to see the beauty of the area…from safari’s, to wineries, to the beaches! Ahh, I want to hit it all…

  73. Andrea

    I want to go back to Maison 9 in Cassis, France. Except this time, I want to stay a week and not just one night. They have an espresso machine in the room. I repeat, IN THE ROOM.

  74. Amanda Jo

    My dream vacation would be to travel with my 77 year old grandmother to her home country, Germany. She will tell me stories of growing up poor during WWII a Nazi occupied Germany. It may not sound dreamy or romantic but it’s one of the most important lessons about life I can learn and to visit something dear to her heart would be a chance of a lifetime. The only thing is, I hope to get that chance before she is no longer with us.

  75. achristinaw

    i have never been off north america! i would love to go to italy, HOWEVER, anywhere in europe would be just as pleasing!

  76. Amy

    My dream travel destination is Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. My husband and I had a full trip planned for there which included driving up the coast and camping along the way and taking a flight out to a private island for snorkeling! Well, we never made it 🙁 We got to Cali and the flights got so full we missed out. We were flying stand-by! It would have been a trip of a lifetime and great for our budget, but it didn’t work. I keep saying someday!

  77. Meegan

    I would just love to go back to my hometown of Grosse Pointe, Michigan because living in the south means I don’t often get to see my extended family and where I was raised. I would just love to reunite with everyone, just talk and catch up!

  78. Brooks

    I would just love to TRAVEL I mean anywhere you go has something fun to partake in so why not just throw and dart and just go there!

  79. Leslee Mitchell

    My dream travel destination is to shoot a wedding at the Le Meurice Hotel in Paris. My dream would to photograph every single detail of the bride & groom’s special day with this gorgeous place as the backdrop. First, the bride & her girls would be getting ready in the Belle Etoile Royal Suite and the photographs from the getting ready stage would be simply divine. The groom & his guys would be in the Presidential Apartment. The overall wedding theme would be vintage Chanel and everything about it would be absolutely to die for. This is my dream travel destination.

  80. Vicki Grafton

    I’d love a trip to Madagascar with a second stop to see the Ngorongoro crater in northern Tanzania.

  81. Chelsea

    I have always dreamt of going to Paris. I used to be a huge Mary Kate & Ashley fan, and when I saw their movie “Passport to Paris”, I fell in love! It definitely is the place of romance. There’s so many things I’d love to see & do there!!

  82. Christie

    My dream destination is Buenos Aires, Argentina. It just looks absolutely stunning. I love the beautifu architecture, the foods and the overall sexy vibe. I would love to tango in Argentine streets with my husband. 🙂

  83. Kallie B

    I would love to explore New Zealand. I imagine I’d fall in love with the land and the states would be a distant memory.

  84. Kourtney

    I would love to take a 3-week tour all over Italy. I would explore Florence, Rome and all the quaint country towns in between.

  85. Ashley Sue Allen

    You know, I have dreamed of visiting China since I was a weeeee little girl. Before I even started school. I felt I was meant to be of Chinese decent, and yearned to visit the crazy cities, learn its ancient history, and see the amazing rural countryside. China is just fascinating to me, and I truly hope to visit one day. 😀

  86. Christie

    I travel quite a lot. I am a very active humanitarian, traveling to 3rd and 4th world countries every few months to bring aid, medical relief, and support to local struggling communities. These trips are by no means a vacation. I usually sleep on floors, bathe outdoors with a bucket, and eat local foods that I would never dream of eating back home. So because of my experiences I do hope that someday I can travel just for the sake of traveling. That I can take a vacation for myself and relax on a private beach somewhere like … fiji. Thats my dream vacation. Sometimes I feel selfish for even wanting that, when I know how much I already have to be grateful for. That my life as an American in the grand scheme of the world is already to some a living vacation. but Im just being honest with myself… fiji would be nice. 🙂

  87. LeRae

    My new husband and I have a dream of taking a mission trip to Sudan. His father recently returned and the stories he’s shared of suffering make us want to make a difference. Sure it would be nice to relax and go to an amazing resort, but Sudan would allow us to make a difference and be an unforgetable trip.

  88. Jenna

    My dream travel destination…Europe with my husband. We would buy a one-way ticket and make our way through Italy and France. The best part of going somewhere is sometimes not having a destination!

  89. liz

    My dream is to go to Nepal and hike to the base camp of Everest! It won’t be the most glamorous of trips but the view will be once in a life time!

  90. ShannonP

    I love to travel and I’ve been to some random but amazing places but I want to go to Italy soooooo badly and I’ve never been!

  91. Rachel

    I would love to go to Greece and see all the Greek islands and the Parthanon in particular!

  92. Lindsay

    I just booked my honeymoon to Playa Mujeres, Mexico yesterday, and that’s what I’ll be dreaming of until June 6, 2010.

  93. Brittany

    I would enjoy a trip to ANYWHERE warm right now! I live in northern Indiana and it’s blowing and snowing right now! How am I supposed to show off my pedi when I can’t even poke my toes out of the 2 pairs of socks I have on:(?

  94. Michele

    While my son is still at home I would love to
    take a trip across the country with him with no time limit, exploring everything that is great about America.

  95. Claire Strebeck

    Oh my gosh! i would LOVE to go to Scotland! My husband and I dream of going there and seeing everything. His family is from Scotland, and we have even named our first son Knox! :o)

  96. Katie

    My dream vacation would be to go back to Spain to see an old pen pal and visit the great historic and art filled buildings with my new husband!

  97. lucy

    I have always dreamed of going on a trip to Hawaii and take the Road to Hana.. i always read about this place in the Christy Miller books and ever since then I’ve wanted to go…

  98. Leika

    Scotland, definitely Scotland. I’ve always wanted to go there, and have never quite made it…

  99. ljcadv

    I love traveling and you have some great pics! I still haven’t made it to Australia yet but I want to! Also want to go back to Spain, the food was AMAZING

  100. Katie

    My absolute dream destination would be Patagonia in Chile/Argentina. Being a the southernmost tip of the Americas would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  101. Ashley F

    My dream travel destination is Germany. I want to see where my family is from.

  102. linda

    i would love to go to sun drenched sardinia…all the photos i have seen of this amazing island look wonderful…need to de stress!
    happy holiday season!

  103. Sara K

    My dream vacation would be a trip to Hawaii. My boyfriend has never been so I would love to go with him.

  104. ++MIRA++

    i would love to go to australia one day!

  105. Kimberly

    My fiancé joined the Navy right out of HS and has never had the opportunity or time to travel abroad these last 8 yrs. He gets out next year, and I would love to show him all of my favorite places in Europe, especially London!

  106. Jaime

    My dream travel destination is Paris! My fiance is an art officianado and has never been to Europe, and I want to experience that with him!

  107. Charlotte Marie

    I’m getting married in March 2010 and we almost went to the Maldives for our honeymoon, but then realized it wasn’t realistic for this stage in our lives. I dream that we will make it there someday!

  108. Cassie Olimb

    My dream destination would probably be Europe. My husband have been married for nearly two years and we’re trying to plan two weeks to just “be” through Europe. We’re going to just go where ever we feel, whenever we feel it. Bikes, taxi, bus, train, ferry, however we can get somewhere, we’d just up and go. Basically backpacking, sans the backpack. :0)


    ohhh my dream vacation would be FIJI! i’ve seen wonderful photographs from that place and ever since then….I dream about living a few days in a glass bottom floating hut on the crystal clear water. amazing, right?!?

  110. Shelby

    I would have to say that my dream vacation would be anywhere warm and exotic with my husband! Life goes by so fast and we seem to get caught up in all our daily responsibilities that we never take the time out for ourselves. So yeah, send me to Bali, Fiji, or even Hawaii to sunbath with a drink in my hand and my husband by my side and that’s when I will tell you that life is good!

  111. Tabitha McCausland

    I would LOVE to go to Germany! It is where my family is from but I have never left the US! I can’t wait to get a stamp in my passport!

  112. Katherine Clark

    My dream travel destination would be Cape Town, South Africa. I had a chance to study abroad there in college, but I didn’t do it and have regretted it to this day. I WILL get there some day! I can’t wait to hike Table Mountain!

  113. Rachel Nickel

    I would definately LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Greece… but right now, I’d take anything!

  114. Keisha Scott

    I would love to travel to the Holy City, EGYPT. I am a Christian, and I would love to follow the journey of Jesus, including Bethlehem and Nazareth. I can only imagine that being there would only bring me closer to Him.

  115. christian

    I’d love to travel to the maldives. But really, anywhere warm with a beach is great by me!

  116. Amy Hamilton

    I’m leaving on one of many dream trips next Friday! I’m going to spend part of the holiday season in London and Brussels and I can’t wait to visit all of the holiday markets and festivals!

  117. Lily

    I would LOVE to relive Elizabeth Gilbert’s travels in “Eat, Pray, Love.” The idea of seeking the ultimate feeling of indulgence through Italy, devotion in India, and contentment in Indonesia makes me happy beyond words. Maybe the hubby will let me wander?

  118. A Cupcake For Moose

    I dream of going to Italy with my hubby for our 5th wedding anniversary. If my dream were to continue we would travel all around Europe for a couple months experiencing all the sites and sounds and good food!

  119. Lynn

    tuscany! with my husband. the colors, the people, oh my!

  120. Vari

    I have a long list of dream travel destinations but the one that is top on my list is India. Thailand would be my (very close) second choice!

  121. Veta Bateham

    10th year wedding anniversary to New Zealand – motorcycle tour

  122. Jillian

    Thailand–the people, the food, the culture… and an elephant ride!

  123. Caroline

    Hmm.. my dream travel destination currently would be China. I’d love to experience that culture, I’ve never been to that area of the world.

  124. Karen Sumner White

    I would love to go to Austria and Germany and revisit the places that I went as a child but can only remember in photographs. And having my amazing husband with me would make it so special!

  125. Karen Sumner White

    I would love to go to Austria and Germany and revisit the places that I went as a child but can only remember in photographs. And having my amazing husband with me would make it so special!

  126. Olivia Sicignano

    I’m incredibly lucky, as I’m actually moving to my dream travel destination for three months starting in January- Florence, Italy! But my other dream destination is Scotland, backpacking the beautiful Scottish Highlands. There’s nothing like the countryside to refresh the spirit.

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  128. Alexis

    My dream destination would be returning to Paris. Though I spent 6 days there I didn’t see nearly enough and would love to get a chance to return.

  129. Catie Ronquillo

    I’d love to go Australia and New Zealand, it’s at the top of our top ten list.

  130. jennifer

    I’d love to go to Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

  131. Jennifer

    I’d love to visit Australia someday……

  132. Kristyn Hogan

    This year, it’s St.John 🙂

  133. Carolyn Clifton

    My dream destination would be Hawaii. Thanks for the great give-away.

  134. Jamie Montgomery

    I have wanted to go to Paris since I was a little girl. Everything about the city seems so romantic and dreamy! Thanks for the AMAZING give-away.

  135. Britney A

    dream travel destination: has to be Greece. Someday, I hope!

  136. alissa

    I would love to go to paris! I would love to shop in the french markets and eat in a bakery!

  137. Kathryn

    Would love to visit Rome…so romantic!

  138. shilhi

    I would go to New York. Im from hawaii and my sister lives in Manhattan. I haven’t had a chance to visit her since having 2 kids in the last 4 years.

  139. Anita

    Brazil. Since I was young, I’ve seen pictures of my dad visiting the beautiful country and imagined floating down the Amazon River with him- a perfect place to check out the legends of soccer and eat great food.

  140. maloy

    hello hello!
    my fiance and i have decided to go to the netherlands for our honeymoon. neither of us have been before, so we are very excited!
    but another destination i’d love to go to is India! =) the explosion of colour, the people, the food.. ooh and the shopping!!!

  141. Christina B.

    Oh, my. This list is far too long. I have a serious travel itch going on right now. I’d be thrilled to go to Italy, Paris, the Virgin Islands, or New Zealand right about now. I’d even take Florida. It’s time to get outta town! 😉

  142. Bethany

    After traveling for work and doing some backpacking through Europe during college, I would love to travel to Italy

  143. Kristi

    Great Post! I feel like I am a travel virgin! There are so many places I dream of visiting…Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Australia. A trip around the states would be great as well – just to experience what each state is famous for…I’m thinking food of course! Yum!

  144. Jessica

    We would love the chance to travel to Japan!

  145. Lindsey P.

    I travel so much for my job and my sweetie is a work-a-holic so I would love to run away with my sweetie to a beach where we can just sit on the sand, hold hands and read books. I am dieing to go to Spain as well! All of your goodies would be perfect for my travels

  146. Charity

    My dream destination wouldn’t be for me at all…it would be to make one of my husband’s dreams come true by taking him to Japan. He has given so much to me {time, money, support, laughter} to make my dreams come true, if I ever won the lottery – this would be my first purchase!

  147. mary

    My dream travel destination? Scandinavia! I would love to see all those historic picturesque seaside towns, natural beauty, and artistic communities!

  148. crystal gulley

    My dream would be to be lying on an island, St. Thomas maybe….with drinks in hand while my FI fans me!
    Love that travel bag!

  149. Heather M

    I went to South Africa a year ago and have been dreaming of returning ever since then. What a magical and beautiful place!

  150. Sara France

    I have been always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. I would just take a month and travel around the country exploring all there is to see and everyone there is to meet. I have heard so many amazing things and met so many amazing people from there. I can not wait to visit there some day!

  151. Lauren Kelly

    My dream getaway is Petit St. Vincent. My husband James and I found it as we were searching for honeymoon locations and have vowed to make it there before we have children!

  152. Charity

    My dream destination is Australia! The outback and the city are so beautiful (in pictures: ) I would love to visit there!!

  153. carrie

    Cinque Terra, Italy! Cannot wait to go for a 10th anniversary 🙂

  154. Shonna

    My dream destination is to go to Thailand: spend a couple of days in Bangkok and then head down to Southern Thailand to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean there. I hear that it is absolutely amazing!

  155. Shelby Crane

    I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Thailand, to see the reclining buddha, the ancient capital of Ayuthaya, and to experience the wonderful food, culture and gorgeous views of the country! Fortunately, I am lucky enough to visit Thailand this summer, and I am SO excited!

  156. Colleen

    It’s a toss up- either a safari in Tanzania or a beach vacay in Fiji… dreaming of both here in chilly Chicago at the moment!

  157. Liz

    Napa Valley! For the great food, spas, and wine! We are thinking about Napa for our honeymoon.

  158. rebecca

    Cinque Terre in Italy! I have been to various cities in Italy but never here and it just seems like it would be an amazing place to visit and relax in.

  159. Megan

    My dream destination would probably be either Fiji or Tahiti! I always watch the Travel Channel, and they’re always featuring these magnificent and secluded resorts right on the water! I can just see myself and my soon to be husband (two weeks from today!) relaxing and taking in the sunset from our balcony!

  160. Sarah

    My dream destination is my fiance and I taking our bicycles to South America and biking from Lima, Peru along the Andes…aaall the way to the southern tip in Usuaia, Argentina!

  161. Melissa Brenes

    My dream vacation would be to travel to all the typical tourist locations in Europe with my husband, and NO KIDS! That or redo our honeymoon in Kauai. We had such an amazing time relaxing and enjoying eachother.

  162. S. Jackson

    My dream vacation would be to Turks & Caicos. I would love to just relax with a nice tropical drink. Any place with a beautiful sandy beach where I could lay out and relax would be a dream.

  163. Gina

    I would love to travel to Italy where my grandmother is born and I have 122 second cousins. Also, greece would be amazing. Thanks for so much!

  164. T.J.

    My dream travel destination is hawaii with my wife. Also if I win one of these items I’ll give it to my wife. she’s awesome.

  165. Katie Ardner

    My dream vacation would be to travel Europe with my sister and my camera for a month!

  166. Karen

    My dream vacation trip is to Paris…have wanted to go there since I took French in high school. Merci!

  167. kara pennington

    Dream getaway … Tuscany! I will make it there one day 🙂

  168. Lindsey Nartker

    I’d love to go on a safari in Africa – something off the beaten path that will leave me with stories to tell my children and grandchildren!

  169. Michelle

    My dream vacation would be a cross country trip, visiting friends that have moved a long the way.

  170. Kirsten

    I never get any down time so I ketp thinking my dream get-away would be a week away to lie comatose on a beach. Instead, I’m totally jealous of my sister who, with her new husband, will be going on a medical mission trip to Ethiopia about a month after their wedding. My new dream get-away would be the very same thing. Getting to actually see and experience another culture while helping others in need actually sounds like a much more rewarding and re-focusing trip!

  171. erin

    I would absolutely love to go to the galapagos. I have been wanting to go forever and it would just be amazing!

  172. marybeth

    For some reason I would love to go to Denmark / Holland. Looks so quaint.

  173. Jennifer

    Dream destination would be Italy. I’ve yet to venture across the pond and yet I can hear it calling me.

  174. Amy Kerstetter

    My dream travel destination would be my homeland Viet Nam. I was born and raised in Viet Nam till I was about 8. My mom got re-married and we left Viet Nam for America. I love growing up in Viet Nam. I often boast about having one of the best child hood ever. I recently got married over the summer and my husband and I are saving up to take a trip to Viet Nam next summer. My grandpa due to health reason couldn’t make it to my wedding, so I’m very excited to show off my husband to my grandpa and the rest of the family. My grandpa is still in the same house that I grew up in. I can’t wait to be able to show my husband and his family (who are all coming) where I came from. The street I walk down every day to go to school. The food stall on the side of the street that sells heaven on earth hot cakes that I always stop by after school whenever I have some money for snacks. Probably will be one of the first thing I look for. My grandpa told me is still there!!!!!

  175. Caroline

    Let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE your picks! Talk about traveling in luxury, any girl would dream of this.
    One trip I am WAITING to go to Greece. My fiance is Greek, and seeing the pictures from his travels just make me want to see it myself! That bright blue against the white walls and ocean look so romantic and serene. And hey, the food would be good too 🙂

  176. Stephanie Osborne

    I would love to photograph a wedding in Paris. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon and it was just made for lovers. To see a beautiful girl in a lovely white dress paraded around the Parisian streets! Oh my I think I could then feel like I had finally arrived lol.

  177. Kate Bentley

    I would love to travel to Africa,Zimbabwe to be exact! I have always place in heart for kids in Africa. I would like to bring them a suitcase full of Lolly Pops and Crayons. So I can see them all smile.

  178. April

    Anegada! It’s an island in the BVI. The island is flat and surrounded by the worlds 3rd largest reef with over 300 ship wrecks on it. Most from the 1800-1900s. The island itself is pretty laid back and primitive. They banned diving on the reef for the last 15 years and recently just opened it back up. You know it’s gotta be awesome!

  179. Jennifer Hansen

    Wow, there are so many places I’d love to see. However, I’ve always had a dream of traveling across Italy. I just think Italy is just romance epitomized.

  180. ShootingStarsMag

    If I could go anywhere, my dream travel place would be England first because I would love to see it in person after reading books and seeing films but Paris would be great for when I’m married.

  181. Robin Preston

    I would definitely go to Morocco. I have always wanted to visit North Africa. You go stay in these small bed and breakfast type places called riads where the service is fantastic and they treat you like family. Morocco has beautiful beaches and the most unbelievable street markets. I would love to come back with some amazing housewares with a great story to go with them. We were planning to go here for a honeymoon but were generously graced with a cruise so we are planning to go to Morocco for our first anniversary.

  182. April

    My dream is to fulfill my Father’s dream trip together and to Safari in Africa. We share a love for nature and this dream is one we have shared since i was little. Oh I hope one day to live that dream before it is too late.

  183. Lara

    Too fun Robin! My parents spent two years in Morocco right after they got married doing Red Cross work. They bought an old VW Bug and spent their free time exploring markets and learning how to cook the local fare. Amazing.

  184. silvana

    Oh Lord! This is difficult since I could just about go anywhere. If I had to choose today right now this very second…well I guess it would have to be London. Why not. Seems to be a cool place with interesting characters and a love of the Fish n Chips. Yeah, London it is. Cheers!

  185. Lauren Atkinson

    Working with so many weddings weekend after weekend, I have been dreaming of finding my own perfect destination [even though I am so far from being married right now :)] I don’t have that place picked yet, but I can see it when I close my eyes. Lush Green rolling hills and waters crashing against the cliffs.. this place has to exist! I have to find it!

  186. Wendy

    I have a life-liong dream to explore Ireland. Oh, how I long to wander the
    cobbled roads, to sit in a smokey pub trying to understand the thick brogue of a roguishly handsome man as he woos a young lady. I want to see the crumbling castles, feel what a “soft” rain is, to see if the green is really greener there, to know to stay away from black pudding, and to take enough photos so that I can revisit it over and over in my living room later.

  187. Chatti

    I’ve always told Matt that I would love to take a “heritage trip” to our ancestors countries because being connected to the past is so important to me. For my part I would travel to Southeast Asia; first stop Cambodia where my parents are from to visit the ancient sites such as Angkor Wat. I can imagine myself watching the sunset up on the temple. pend my days in a beach villa in Shinoukville. Then we would travel to Thailand cause I was born there (but have no memory of the refugee camp life). I would love to ride elephants (my totem animal) and go to relax on the beaches of Koh Sumai. Then Bali, Indonesia. They say that the first Cambodian king was Javanese. I want to soak myself in the cultures that we visit. I am also not afraid to eat fried grasshoppers, and fried spiders. = )

  188. Jimmy Moncrief

    The Dream: Australia for Brittany and New Zealand for me!

  189. Evelyn

    Without a doubt Italy. Or just a swanky hotel with a bottle of wine, a bottle of water, a nice gym with a sweet steam room, a bunch of books, Southern Weddings Mag (ewww.shameless. but really…all of that gorgeous eye candy!), my NAP pillow, dark chocolate……geeeez….sounds like anywhere alone would be mine right about now, doesn’t it? great gifts Lara!! Travelsmith tote. Lovely!

  190. Brittany W.

    My dream destination would be Paris. I am in love with anything French and am determine to become fluent in the language. A long stay there would be a dream come true.

  191. Lisa Jeffries

    In before the end!!! 😉

    SOO happy y’all did a reminder post, I would’ve been bummed to miss out on this.

    But my destination of choice? Australia. ALL the way. There are so many places in the World that I haven’t been and that I’d like to go, but that’s the one place I think I’ll be really bummed if I don’t ever get to. My ears perk up when I hear anyone talk about traveling there!

  192. Rondah

    We traced our family roots back to England so I’d love to go there.
    zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com

  193. Tanya

    I’d love to see Ireland one day
    tmc480 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  194. Ryana

    I’d like to go to the “Love Capitol” Paris!!

    My email is rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  195. saundra

    ITALY! #BoyWonder wants to got there so bad… I love Florence (Firenze) and Rome (Roma) …. beautiful!

  196. Tanya Perez

    Greece is our absolute DREAM. There’s nowhere else in the world that I would rather go.

  197. Lisa

    I would love to travel to South Africa to start a pen pal organization with personalized stationery with young girls in South Africa and the US.

  198. michelle

    I would love to travel to India one day! The colors and traditions are just amazing.

  199. ohana photographers

    bora bora for obvious reasons, african safari, and scotland to visit the country of me and my honey’s roots 🙂

  200. Nicole Galvan

    I would love to go to Isla Mujeres! The tropical spot is ideal with its glistening beaches and is a dream secluded hideaway! Yes, take me there!:)

  201. Tommy T

    I choose Beijing, China – my parents homeland. I have never seen the place they used to call home, or the city where they met many years ago, or the school my brother attended. So I’d love to visit China for the first time in the coming years.

  202. Dolly

    I have always been one to love to travel………, mostly anywhere if it is interesting and as long as I have my wonderful hubby by my side! My bags are packed and ready to go!

  203. Sta ey

    my dream destination would be to Greece. i love the everything about it, food, charm, beaches and oceans. i can’t wait to visit sometime.

  204. Melody F.

    I never thought i would be getting married after all that me and my fiancee has been through. He was in a horrendous car crash 2 1/2 years ago that left him with a metal plate and nine screws in his hip and leg. He was laid up for two months. His beautiful 56 chevy bel air was destroyed. He told me once he restored the bel air we could get married. The car will be done in late April. So we can finally get married. Our dream would be to go to Ireland or England for our Honeymoon.

  205. Ali Phillips

    I am dreaming of traveling to the Seychelles off the Eastern Coast of Africa!

  206. Gwen

    I said when I lost 100 pounds I would go to Greece – that was 4 years ago! It is still my dream destination and it will happen some day!

  207. Ashley Keller

    I would LOVE to go to Israel. There is so much going on there right now and so much history that I think it would be absolutely amazing and wonderful.

  208. ansley b

    after talking and talking AND talking about it, i still have not been to sweet paris!

  209. Thelma

    I joined the NAVY in 02 with hopes of traveling to Japan.Since a liitle girl i have been obsessed with Japanese culture.I am now out of the military and i have yet to fulfill my dream of visting Japan.

  210. Gianna SanFilippo

    India. I have always wanted to go to India and for some reason or another could never make it there. It’s on my husbands list of dream destinations too, so maybe one day….

  211. Candace

    Hello! My dream destination would be Sydney, Australia. I hear the stars in the nights sky are breath takingly different then they are anywhere else. Merry Christmas!

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