Keep calm and carry on? Oh no.  Heavens, no.  I saw this today and my heart jumped! The original says “Get Excited and Make Things”.  I had to add one very special word to make it really sing… HAPPEN.   “Making things happen” has been my catch phrase ever since WPPI this year.  I had an amazing dinner with some very special people: (left to right) top row- Joel Serrato, Jose Villa, Scott Chester, Fred Egan, Erik Clausen aka Poser, Jory Cordy, Whitney Chamberlin, mystery gentleman, Cameron Ingalls, bottom row- Millie Holloman, Cristen Chester, Jesse Chamberlin, Kirstin, Harmony Walton from the Bridal Bar, me, Kyle Barnes, and Jeff Newsom.  Pic by Kyle Barnes.


I came back to my room at the MGM Signature (nicknamed Argentina since it was about a 6 mile walk from the MGM main lobby) and twittered:  So ready to make things happen for people. That night I put in some calls, emails and started really making things happen for people.   I’ve been on this kick ever since.  A couple of my friends make fun of me for saying it so often, but if you’re focused on a goal, your language will reflect that direction.

What’s your catch phrase? What do those words say about you?  I challenge you to come up with a phrase that is active, purposeful, positive, and harnesses that energy that you want to possess in your life and business goals.  So, what is that phrase for you?  I’d love to hear it…

xo lc

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  1. Heather Vreeland - Atlanta Occasions

    Lara – this phrase is so appropriate for the kind of day I’m having. Thanks for posting just the inspiration I needed! :-)

  2. KyleBarnes

    currently… this week at least… my phrase is simply, GET THINGS DONE (and let Lara make things happen)!

  3. Stacey Little

    What an inspiration! No need to sit idle by and let things happen… make them happen. We’ve posted our version on our blog @

  4. Eliana@BYSE

    Umm let’s see what it is this week, “Let the haters be my motivators.”

  5. Lisa McGainey

    “Propel your Thoughts. Spring into Action!” Thanks Lara for the motivation.

  6. Michelle

    My catch phrase: Embracing my true potential.

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  8. Alisa Benay

    “Ink it” has been the phrase of the month around here. Goal for the next couple of months is motivating clients to sign contracts, not just be “about ready to sign”.

  9. LARA

    Dear Kyle, thanks for that. I think you should revise that to read: let Lara get things done AND make things happen. haha kidding. sortof ;)

    Heather, Michelle, Stacey, Eliana, Alisa and Lisa – love your thoughts. Keep moving forward. What’s the other Brit phrase… press on!

  10. nicole riley

    learn your worth, and don’t apologize for it. i keep it on my desk!

  11. Bernadette Smith

    Very much like your catchphrase – it’s proactive and I LOVE proactive. Mine is “Dreaming in Logistics” because that’s what I do – I dream, for myself, for my clients, for my business, but I balance big picture with details very well.

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  19. Tracey Kumer-Moore

    My new message/mantra…CELEBRATE(insert noun here) with LOVE,LIFE & STYLE!!

    Happy New Year Lara & wish you all of the above:)


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  24. Kate

    My current (and past) phrase / mantra is: “Get it together.” i.e. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Thanks for the post.

  25. MGM Signature Las Vegas

    Cant wait to go back to the MGM Signature Las Vegas. I love this hotel because it is so quite compared to other spots.

  26. Rachel Jenae

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