My desk is literally all business.  Right now with an issue coming up and samples flooding in, it’s very pretty business.  But, nonetheless, all business.  I like things clean, I like white, crisp blues, fresh flowers and everything in its place.  Desk details below: (clockwise from top left) invitation samples from Mika78, one of five JCrew pocket wallets that I change out depending on my mood that week, the new issues of Fast Company, Inc and Wired I need to read, La Prairie samples we all need to try, Southern Proper bowties for our upcoming shoot at Watercolor, a stunning gold and pearl dogwood blossom ring that Modest Peach sent to us today, my Macbook Pro (how did I EVER live without this thing!?), Lollia lotions (more info below) and the ever-present Fiji water on my desk (most of the time it’s Smartwater though and yes, I refill these bottles over and over).


Every month I make a folder of inspirations on my trusty Macbook to get me out of my structured and organized mindset and into some fluid creativity.  As a creative person, you have to let yourself dream a little.  We get so busy that we forget to dream or we push it aside for a rainy day.  That rainy day comes along and we still push it aside for something “more important”.  I get inspiration mainly from relationships and experiences, but there are a few things in life that make my heart flutter and my creative juices bubble up from a long-lost vault.  Here are my August favs I collected over the weekend while I was a radiology “residency widow”.


Above: I have recently become obsessed with these woodgrain watches from Nixon. I couldn’t pick a favorite, so I put both of my current lusts in here. Wendy at Fuss Jewelry has made a life-long fan in me. Every season she finds the most lovely stones and natural materials for her one-of-a-kind pieces. How dreamy are these turquoise and gold hoops!?


Second row: On a recent journey to the magical land of Anthropolgie, I discovered Lollia. Hello, Lollia… you smell so good and your packaging is just divine.


Row three: I think it’s safe to say that August is my Anthropologie month. More lovelies from Anthro that I’m dying to get: Beams and Sparks bracelet, Enchanted Seeds bracelet, Lemon Initial necklaces, Storms and Showers earrings, Crocus Petal bracelet


Row four: I am subscribed to two company’s email lists and JCrew is one of them.  I love their branding, marketing and Jenna’s Picks.  Loving the colors for fall and the detail on this shirt.

And finally, a thank you:  I have to thank everyone who sent me emails, messages and left such heartfelt comments on my last post.  It was a challenge to step out and write something personal so soon, but I really felt like I needed to and I’m so glad I did.  So, thanks for helping me make this blog into the positive, encouraging, inspiring place I want it to be.



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  1. Sarah & Chris Rhoads

    miss casey you have fantabulous style. I love all of these little tid bits of goodness! perfect.

  2. KyleBarnes

    wait… are you growing wheat grass on your desk? where do you keep the tiny lawn mower??

  3. LARA

    Thank you Miss Rhoads! You have fantabulous style yourself!

    Oh, KB. Can you work on getting me that tiny mower too? Cause I need more stuff on my desk. Thanks.